" The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

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Museum and archaeological sites’ entrance fees are not included in some of the Photo Tours’ cost.

Deposits, Cancellations and Refunds

A deposit of the actual amount per participant is required. PhotoToursinAthens.com is subject to cancellation if payment is not received when due. If a participant wishes to cancel they must send a notification to phototoursinathens.com | mail@ phototoursinathens.com | +30 6993846751

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled Photo Tour, there is no cancellation fee.
If you cancel between:
– 10 and 7 days in advance of the scheduled Photo Tour, there is a 50 per cent cancellation fee
– within 6 days of the scheduled Photo Tour, there is a 100 per cent cancellation fee, which is the actual amount per participant.


Each participant must be covered by medical insurance that is valid overseas. We strongly urge you to evaluate your risk and to take out insurance on your trip. You need to realize that if you experience a delay or find it necessary to cancel or cut short your trip for any reason, you will lose part or the entire sum you’ve invested in it (see the above section “Deposits, Cancellations and Refunds”).

Travel insurance helps to minimize the risk of monetary losses you would incur in the event of a delay of your departure due to weather, airline strike, missed connection, etc., your inability to travel for reasons such as illness, injury, unforeseen financial complications and other personal circumstances, or if you were required to cut your trip short for medical or any other reasons.

There are restrictions and limitations on any insurance program. It is to your advantage to apply for insurance at the earliest possible time, so don’t delay in making a decision.

Photo Release

PhotoToursinAthens.com reserves the right and permission to use photographs of individuals on tour for use in promotional and publicity purposes. We also reserve the right to use clients’ photographs for promotional and publicity purposes, when submitted to us.

Is a non-photographing companion welcome?

Of course, they are always welcome! But because our routes are enjoyable and pleasurable to all, we have to charge 50 percent of the tour’s cost.

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Acropolis (3)

How do I book a photo tour?

To book a photo tour you can throw us a line for day and time availability.
Deposits are paid via PayPal, Wise transfer, Revolut, Payoneer or cash upon arrival.